doQuments is a Windows based document management application designed to make it extremely easy to create a centralized, searchable database of your paper and electronic documents. Scan paper documents using a scanner or drag and drop electronic documents from Windows explorer to quickly build your database. Store any amount of additional indexing information with each document. This information can later be used to quickly find your documents.

Publisher description

doQuments is designed to let you easily store, manage and retrieve paper as well as electronic documents. You can store absolutely any type of additional information with each document. Related documents can be grouped together. Moreover, any number of document sets can be created to hold different types of document groups. You can query and sort documents using the data stored along with them or the properties of the documents themselves. You can also give descriptive names to your queries and save them for later use. doQuments features full multi-user support and display of 50 file formats. doQuments is TWAIN compliant, this means that you can scan your documents directly into the application from any TWAIN compliant scanner. Due to it's unique design doQuments can easily handle double-sided even multi-page documents. doQuments also features a highly compressed file format which lets you easily transport groups of documents from one machine to another. This file known as a doQument archive can be created and even emailed right from the application. The doQuments Thumbnail Viewer, lets the user view the documents as resizable thumbnails. This provides an easy way to visually locate documents. Documents can be emailed with a single click or even turned into indexed and completely navigable web pages.

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